This is a story about waking up. And it begins with someone asleep.

Spencer is a narcoleptic. Ten years ago, he fell asleep and something very, very bad happened and he's been afraid to live ever since. But his safe, repetitive life has evolved into a rut that's beginning to feel an awful lot like a grave. And so Spencer decides to die. That's when a dear friend reminds him that, if he's going to kill himself, he might as well go crazy first.

Tommy is a drug dealer. When he shows up in his old friend Spencer's pharmacy wanting to buy drugs - a lot of drugs - Spencer sees a rare opportunity for some real excitement. Only instead of excitement, Spencer only gets money. Lots and lots of money. Still uninspired, Spencer unexpectedly falls asleep again and wakes up in an Emergency Room. And that's where he sees something money can't buy.

Alice is a nurse. And she's alive. Really alive. And she's that way on purpose because, like Spencer, she's already been half-dead. After years of being addicted to painkillers, Alice wants away from the misery of Emergency. She wants to celebrate life. She wants to open a daycare. And so Spencer finally has something to spend all that money on. But all that money gets the attention of a guy named Romeo, and that is not a good thing.

Romeo is crazy. And Romeo likes money. And Spencer's going to help Romeo get lots of it whether he wants to or not. And this is where Spencer's life gets complicated. Terribly, terribly complicated.

While he and Alice grow closer, Romeo grows more menacing. But Alice won't date a drug dealer, and Romeo won•t let Spencer stop being one. If Spencer thought he might, that idea disappears when a deal goes sour and Romeo casually kills two people.

This is bad. Very, very bad. By the time Alice and Romeo cross paths, things are totally out of control. In danger of losing the love of his life, Spencer puts his foot down. He quits. But you can't quit Romeo.

So, as crazy as it seems, meek little Spencer goes mano-a-mano with cold-blooded-killer Romeo. And win or lose, Spencer finally has something to live for. And live or die, that alone finally makes life worth living.